Births Edit

23 babies were born in 2010, 14 girls and 9 boys.

11 January: Harry Singleton, born to Christian and Jane Singleton

17 January: Silje Bak-Andersen, born to Kim and Monica Bak-Andersen

18 January: Sophia Summers, born to Henry and Natasha Summers

30 January: David Stampe, born to Soren and Merete Stampe

11 February: Lily Abbott, born to Michael Abbott and Louise Wong

20 Febuary: Evie Wilson, born to James and Dawn Wilson

23 February: Alfred Thomas, born to Michael and Polly Thomas

5 March: Ashton Tomlinson, born to Jonathan and Amy Tomlinson

27 March: Nathaniel Walsh, born to Peter and Sanne Walsh

14 April: Noah George, born to Peter and Anna George

8 August: Lucas Kirkegaard Holm, born to Ole Holm and Maj Kirkegaard

10 August: Violet Hackett, born to David and Dawn Hackett

5 September: Darcy Hill, born to Aaron and Emma Hill

8 September: Madison Steel, born to Andrea and Catherine Steel

12 September: Charlotte Cole, born to Michael and Ruby Cole

10 October: Lily Reynard, born to Martin and Isabella Reynard

15 November: Grace Waldron, born to Nicholas and Anthony Waldron

2 December: Sia Bradley, born to Neil and Mia Bradley

14 December: William Morris-West, born to Lucy West and Emma Morris

14 December: Albert Morris-West, born to Lucy West and Emma Morris

21 December: Hannah Miller, born to James and Charlotte Miller

24 December: Martha Reyn-Walker, born to Jack Walker and Mathilde Reyn

24 December: Sophia Campbell, born to Stephen and Alison Campbell