20 babies were born in 2012. 12 girls and 8 boys.

8 January: Ana Escobar-Reyes, born to Sergio Reyes and Marcia Escobar

9 January: Harry Larwood, born to Michael and Anna Larwood

29 January: Joanna Mills, born to Andrew and Charlotte Mills

1 March: Alexander Hart, born to Christopher and Melanie Hart

2 March: William Walsh, born to Nicholas Walsh and Georgia Holmes

28 March: Willow Wood-Winter, born to Rex Winter and Jasmine Wood

17 June: Molly Reynard, born to Martin and Isabella Reynard

2 July: Ibrahim Ansari, born to Ahmad and AIsha Ansari

3 July: Frida Stampe, born to Soren and Merete Stampe

4 July: Marina Reyn, born to Marcus and Mathilde Reyn

11 July: Olivia Singleton, born to Christian and Jane Singleton

17 July: Celeste Lake, born to Robin and Katherine Lake

17 July: Phoebe Morris-West, born to Lucy West and Emma Morris

18 July: Oliver Summers, born to Henry and Natasha Summers

21 July: Jonah Tomlinson, born to Jonathan and Amy Tomlinson

18 October: William Brown, born to Mark Larsen and Lisa Brown

19 October: Daniel Johnson, born to Michael Johnson and Grace Wilson

19 October: Isabella Johnson, born to Michael Johnson and Grace Wilson

9 November: Flora Rowland, born to William and Jane Rowland

2 December: Evie George, born to Peter and Anna George