13 babies were born in 2013, 8 girls and 5 boys

4 January: Elliot Harris, born to Michael and Cassandra Harris

27 January: Luna Hayne, born to Jacob and Natasha Hayne

19 February: Hector Escobar-Reyes, born to Sergio Reyes and Marcia Escobar

12 April: Luna Bradley, born to Neil and Mia Bradley

18 April: Cordelia Watson, born to Frederick and Isabel Watson

26 April: Elizabeth Clifford, born to Jonathan and Jenna Clifford

12 July: Anthony Reyes, born to Dylan Reyes and Alicia Schneider

24 September: Charles Kent, born to Dale Kent and Jessica Larsen

29 September: Rose Campbell, born to Stephen and Alison Campbell

30 September: Alexa Kirk-Mitchell, born to Jonathan Mitchell, and Julie Kirk-Mitchell

26 October: Vincent Miller, born to James and Charlotte Miller

1 December: Maya Martin, born to Jacob Martin and Caroline Watts

28 December: Madeleine Pearson, born to Frank and Jane Pearson