Matteo Edward Achilles George Reyn is the fifth child of Marcus and Mathilde Reyn . He was born 22 July 2016 . He has older half-sister Martha Reyn-Walker from 2010, older sisters Marina from 2012Marley from 2014 and older brother Malik from 2014 .

Background  Edit

Thomas Christian Paul Andrew Larsen
(b. 1968)
Irene Sofía Reyes
(b. 1968)
Peter James Walsh
(b. 1970)
Mette Rose Ravn Holm
(b. 1973)
Marcus Thomas John Sylvester Reyes Larsen
(b. 1994)
Mathilde Rose Ravn Walsh
(b. 1994)
Matteo Edward Achilles George Reyn
(b. 2016)

Matteo's parents Marcus and Mathilde Reyn met in 2007, while they were both attending Sevenoaks School. They dated on and off until 2011, when they moved in together in Cambridge. M's siblings were born in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Mathilde and Marcus will marry in March 2017

Mathilde comes from a Danish-English speaking family in England, and Marcus comes from a Spanish and Danish speaking family in California, USA, and Matteo will grow up to be trilingual.


Matteo's name begins with an M, as Mathilde and Marcus has decided that their children's names will begin with the letter M. His mother's siblings and cousins has each chosen and will each choose a letter, which their children's names will begin with. His second given name will be Edward, per Mathilde's family's tradition of naming children after Edward or Rose, Mathilde's late great-grandparents. Matteo will have four given names in total, per Marcus' family tradition of giving children four names, the second given name being after a family member or friend, the third after a famous person that is admired by the parents, and the fourth after a saint or biblical character. 

Birth and childhood Edit

Matteo was born at Lister Hospital, Stevenage, Hertforshire on 22 July 2016 at 2:32am. He was born at 40+4. He weighed 4.056 kg and measured 54 cm. Matteo was baptised 3 September 2016. He will be watched at home in their house in Essendon, Hertfordshire, by his mother Mathilde and his nanny Claire.