Oscar Edward Newton is the first son and second child of Stanley and Catherine Newton. He was born 7 May 2016. He has an older sister, Olivia, from 2014. He lives in Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes.  

Background Edit

Robert William Newton
(b. 1962)
Mary Jo Parker
(b. 1964)
Oliver Richard Green
Lotte Rose Ravn Holm
(b. 1977)
Stanley Robert Newton
(b. 1994)
Catherine Rose Green
(b. 1994)
Oscar Edward Newton
(b. 2016)

Oscar's parents Stanley and Catherine Newton met online, in November 2012, and started dating right away. Stanley attended Edinburgh, and Catherine St Andrew's, but they saw each other on the weekends. Oscar's older sister was born in 2014. They got married in October 2015.


Oscar's name was revealed at his baptism on 3 July 2016. He was named Oscar as it was the name that began with an O, that his parents liked the best. Oscar and his sister Olivia's names begin with O as this is the letter their parents have chosen. Oscar's mother's cousins also have chosen or will choose a letter for their children's names.

Birth and childhood Edit

Oscar was born 7 May 2016 at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on 7 May 2016 at 09:18am. He was born at 40+1. He weighed 3.593 kg and measured 52 cm. He will be watched at home by his mother until she will get a job in Edinburgh, sometime in the autumn or winter.

He was baptised in St Margaret Church, Rainham, Kent, the 3 July 2016, where his name was revealed to be Oscar.

Oscar is watched at a childminder in Milton Keynes.