Otto Vilhelm Klein-Hougaard is the second child of Martin Hougaard and Barbara Klein. He was born 31 May 2016. He has an older brother Carl, from 2015. He lives with his family in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Background Edit

Michael Hougaard
(b. 1967)
Louise Frederiksen
(b. 1969)
Morten Klein
(b. 1975)
Kirstine Jensen
(b. 1975)
Martin Hougaard
(b. 1995)
Barbara Sofie Klein
(b. 1995)
Otto Vilhelm Klein-Hougaard
(b. 2016)

Otto's parents met while they were in high school. Barbara got pregnant with Otto's older brother while in their last year of high school, and he was born in January 2015.

Birth and childhood Edit

Otto was born at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark on 31 May 2016. He was born 40+4. 

Otto was baptised in Frihavnskirken on 20 August 2016, the same day his parents got married. Otto is watched at home by his mother, until January 2017, where he will start nursery.